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The importance HPLC

HPLC is one of the several avatars of Chromatography technique that is being profusely utilised in the laboratories all over the world. Conventionally, this technique is used to separate molecules of comparable mass and run time. Comprising of a mobile medium, a static medium and a chromatogram, this technique operates on the principle of capillary action. The heavier the molecule, the slower it climbs up the static medium. In HPLC, the static medium is invariably a silicone porous layer. HPLC product parts such as HPLC auto samplers, HPLC lamps and HPLC detectors hold a crucial place in HPLC instruments.

The HPLC technique finds its applications mostly in the biological labs around the world. The most widespread application is in isolation peptides and bigger molecules. It is also used to sequence peptides and amino acid molecules. These big biological molecules are less volatile, heavy and take a longer time to climb up the column. It is performed under constant room temperature. This is done basically to keep the molecules from changing their core configurations and getting dysfunctional.

Another utility that this technique finds is in the petroleum industry, although in a limited extent. Heavy petrochemical molecules get separated in the column and can be isolated with precise accuracy. Liquid chromatography has made science obliged in the fact that many a substances could earlier not be separated with accuracy, which meant, impurities stayed behind, hampering the use biological reagents in other experiments and studies.

It is no more the same of course! HPLC has bagged a prime position in laboratories and study houses. HPLC accessories and HPLC kits parts are manufactured and shipped by many laboratory equipment manufacturers and are available in varying precisions and sizes. The better the products and parts, the more accurate the results of HPLC are! It is better to go for the better ones without thinking about the cost. On a long term basis, it proves to be more cost efficient.

Installing a liquid chromatography chamber is nothing that could take a lot on the pocket or the brain. But once installed in a proper manner, under the right conditions, a well devised HPLC apparatus can give stunning results with extremely high accuracy. Liquid chromatography has other sister lanes also, but High performance liquid chromatography is one of the most efficient techniques to isolate and separate molecules. There are ultra high performance liquid chromatography instruments which can withstand high temperatures too.

CTSHPLC is one of the leading online suppliers of HPLC product parts, HPLC accessories and HPLC kits parts of different manufactures including Waters, Beckman, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Jasco, Gilson, Spectra, Hitachi and many more. We offer high quality HPLC parts including HPLC detectors, HPLC tools, HPLC lamps and HPLC autosamplers at absolutely affordable prices.


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