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An overview of the Liquid Chromatography Market

Liquid Chromatography (LC) has indeed proved to be a boon for life sciences industry and in particular pharmaceuticals. LC has the ability to segregate a wide variety of chemical mixtures when compared to other chromatography techniques. The market for LC around the world is growing at a healthy rate. Let’s understand what this market and LC process is all about.

What do we mean by Liquid Chromatography?

Liquid chromatography is a separation technique wherein a small amount of liquid sample is injected into a tube that is packed with porous particles (which is often called as the stationary phase). Next, the individual components of the sample are transported along the packed tube (column) by a liquid moved by gravity. Now the components are separated from one another by the column packing that includes different chemical and/or physical interactions between their molecules and the packing particles.

Lastly, the segregated components are collected at the exit of this column and identified by an external measurement technique, such as a spectrophotometer that measures the intensity of the color, or by another device that can measure their amount. Liquid Chromatography is now come to known as Flash Chromatography. HPLC (High Performance/Pressure Liquid Chromatography) is considered to be the best LC technique because of the higher efficiency offered in separating wide range of chemical blends.

Recent Trends and Future of the Liquid Chromatography Market

With introduction of latest technology, LC Market, too, has witnessed ground breaking solutions in the form of introduction of new systems such as fast LC and Ultra HPLC. Organizations are coming together to develop and enhance the throughput and resolution by using smaller particle size columns. It is due to this that the UHPLC systems are introduced which has the remarkable capability to run at extremely high temperatures. The demand for UHPLC instruments is also on the rise.

Next, organizations are now introducing customized systems that are meant for different industries. For instance, HPLC is now used by clinical research organizations for genetic analysis, veterinary sciences and even toxicology. However, with introduction of improved systems often pose new challenges too. Companies are merging to improve their products and services.  Another trend is that the providers of LC equipments are joining hands with software companies for chemoinformatics.

Looking at the activities going on in the LC Market, it is expected that the market will grow to approx $4.7 billion by next year. Out of this US itself will have a share of $1 billion. As the pressure on pharmaceutical industries increases substantially to introduce new drugs in the market, the market for LC instruments and equipments will see a steady growth. The future seems to be bright for HPLC parts makers. Countries such as Japan, India and Puerto Rico will also see manufactures coming and setting up production facilities due to the low cost advantage.

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