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Agilent 1100 System Parts

Since laboratories and research stations are the home for new inventions it also demands for the System which can upgrade the performances of the instruments and also provide a dependable result, for these needs and requirements of the inventory department Agilent 1100 HPLC system is been designed. It ensures proper blending of the solvent and hence delivering a pulse free solvent for exact conclusions. Agilent 1100 system has components which can effectively catch the defects and faults and after determining it can solve them at once. Agilent 1100 consists of proper and appropriate software for data analysis which helps it to sort out in-site and remote troubles.

Agilent 1100 system parts:

The system is a combination of an inlet valve which is operated electrically and a piston which can be pushed inside and helps the solvent to be free from formation of vapors. After that it consists of a high-speed valve and a vacuum degasser which is already configured as per its use. Agilent 1100 can be operated by muscular force or on basis of computer software which can deliver a comfortable use of the system. The reliability of the users on this system has marked it as a smooth and maintenance free system.

The unique parts of Agilent 1100 system consists of:

  • Vacuum Degasser: This allows cutting off the money factor and delivers a accurate functionality without using helium.
  • Wavelength verifier: It consists of a wavelength verifier which is already present in it and need not to be established individually.
  • Agilent 1100 parts and functionality provides an abiding flow of solvent.

Agilent 1100 System can be configured in more than one way using integrations of different constituents such as indicators and pumps which serve different utilities and needs of the system. A configuration which is considered as a basic one for the Agilent 1100 system is a combination of:

  • PUMP

1100 series Binary or Quaternary pumps and 1100 series Variable Wavelength Detector or Diode Array Detector are also components of this configuration of system. VWD and DAD, both work for determining the variable wavelengths and also keeping a tract of indicator’s work. For this, they use holmium oxide filter which enables them to their work automatically. The modern and fresh design of Agilent 1100 autosampler has brought in the new trend of front access for reciprocity of flow cells and pre-coordinated lamps.

The Agilent 1100 HLPC systems available in the market include:

  • The 1100 Series Binary VWD System (Binary Pump, Variable Wavelength Detector)
  • The 1100 Series Binary DAD System (Binary Pump, Diode Array Detector)
  • The 1100 Series Quaternary VWD System (Quaternary Pump, Variable Wavelength Detector)
  • The 1100 Series Quaternary DAD System (Quaternary Pump, Diode Array Detector)

Get hplc autosampler replacement parts for your chromatography needs and requirements. You can even go for Agilent 1100 autosampler. The HPLC components delivered by these companies are simply second to none. You can also get hplc Detector parts, HPLC Accessories, and HPLC components from these companies at best rates.

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HPLC Parts

HPLC is an analytical tool that quantifies, identifies and separates components in a sample. It is very commonly used system in analytical chemistry and biochemistry fields. The system generally carries the sample using a solvent or mixture of solvents to the stationary phase, where the actual separation of compounds occurs. HPLC analysis is used in routine and non-routine analysis. The HPLC test can be run using parameters established in published literature or methods can also be developed in-house. The HPLC course includes various HPLC Tools such as tubing, syringes, ferrules etc. Students in beginner HPLC programs are provided with an overview of chromatography HPLC Accessories. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment and ultrasonic cleaning HPLC Accessories solve a broad range of analytical sample preparation and degreasing challenges in the industrial and pharmaceutical laboratory.

There are four main systems in a HPLC instrument which helps it to operate in a defined manner. The names of four parts in a HPLC Instrument aremobile phase reservoirs, detector; column and injector system. There are three more other parts which are used in the functioning of the four main parts and they are the recorder, waste and the pump.HPLC Pumpis the most important component and helps the instrument to transfer the mobile phase of the material through the column by providing a high pressure that in turn generates a pressure difference.

A digital liquid HPLC Flow meter is one of the convenient and accurate HPLC Tools used to calibrate HPLC pump flow rates. This tool is also equipped with cleaning HPLC Kits.HPLC Lamps emit an almost continuous spectrum of light ranging from the main UV wavelengths of 160 – 400 nm to the visible spectral range.There is a range of various HPLC Lamps available in the market depending upon its type.

 The HPLC Parts are as follows:

  • Mobile phase reservoirs: This is the solvent or usually a mixture of solvents used to transport the samples through the whole system and the solvents have to be miscible in the mixture. If not, then the immiscible solvents will cause pressure build-up in the HPLC system.
  • Injector Port or HPLC Auto sampler: As the name suggests, this component is used for introducing the sample. The procedure for injecting the samples in to the HPLC auto sampler is manual. In other words, it means that the user has to inject them into the injector using HPLC syringes.Various samples are injected manually into the system by the user and in the end; the appropriate samples are selected by the machine automatically depending on the conditions.
  • HPLC Detector: This unit detects the separated compounds in the sample. There are various HPLC Detectors available which use different mode of detection such as refractive index, mass spectroscopy, fluorescence and ultra-violet.

There are various advantages of HPLC and they are high resolution, sensitivity, automation and accuracy. Apart from its advantages, HPLC tool has certain disadvantages which include its high cost, low sensitivity for some compounds and sometimes the process is complex when the irreversibly absorbed compounds are not detected.

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HPLC spare parts suppliers

High Performance Liquid Chromatography has found its application in a wide range of disciplines. In fact, this advanced scientific technique is also utilized by various industries such as food & beverages for complete quality assurance. In order to run an HPLC instrument seamlessly, its spare parts needs to be maintained & changed on a periodic basis. This is where CTSHPLC, a leading supplier of HPLC parts, comes into picture. The Company stocks different HPLC accessories for different HPLC manufacturers. One can get world class HPLC parts from CTSHPLC at affordable rates and with appropriate warranty.

CTSHPLC was established in the year1985 by Steve Harris, who had unmatched expertise in servicing HPLC instruments. The Company, now, delivers exceptional quality HPLC repair parts which are equivalent to the corresponding OEM part. The Waters HPLC parts provided by CTSHPLC are used by scientists across the globe in different areas. These spare parts are thoroughly tested on various parameters to ensure the best performance under different working conditions. Besides this, the Company also delivers Agilent HPLC and Thermo HPLC spare parts depending on your needs and requirements.

Some of the Shimadzu HPLC components supplied by CTSHPLC include autosampler, pump and HPLC lamps. These spare parts surpass international quality standards and allow you to conduct on-going research in a hassle-free manner. With the help of Hitachi HPLC parts, you can get the best scientific results with utmost accuracy in a very short span of time. The components supplied by CTSHPLC help you analyze samples in the most convenient and seamless manner. Among the Hitachi HPLC components supplied include autosampler and pumps.

Apart from offering these products, CTSHPLC also delivers top-class Perkin Elmer HPLC components which include kits, lamps, pumps etc. The Company offers complete technical assistance in buying the best HPLC spare part, so that your research continues uninterrupted. In case you use a Jasco HPLC and are looking for a high-quality spare part for your instrument, search no further than CTSHPLC. It stocks an adequate quantity of spare parts of Jasco hplc instruments. These days, Beckman HPLC instruments are widely used in advanced scientific research for analyzing complex chemical compounds. If you are facing any kind of problems in using your HPLC equipment, the experts at CTSHPLC can be there at your service. They deliver world class HPLC components for Beckman HPLC instruments.

At CTSHPLC, you will find a team of experienced scientists who have detailed understanding about how an HPLC instrument works including their components such as autosampler, lamps, pumps, columns etc. These researchers will help you buy the best Gilson HPLC or Rheodyne HPLC component that best meets your requirements. Go for high-quality HPLC spare parts from CTSHPLC and get the best results for your research!

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HPLC Accessories supplier

Liquid Chromatography has become a common process that enjoys regular utilization in almost any average scientific laboratory. Systems have become automated, and many periodical practices that were monotonously performed by people themselves, are now done by units and apparatus. HPLC Accessories are now in common utilization and there are a greater number of accessory suppliers than possibly are the buyers. HPLC accessory manufacturers are equally renowned and there are quite a few heard-of names that have made their mark in manufacturing standard HPLC equipments and accessories with the desired or rather, specified precision levels.

The question now is, why at all, is it so important to choose the right manufacturer and the right accessory supplier for the required HPLC procedures to go on smoothly? Accessories like HPLC Autosamplers and HPLC detectors are extremely crucial and play a very important role in all HPLC processes. While flushing the columns between runs is a pretty simple process and has been a convention to be done manually, any mistake in a proper flushing process can leave impurities behind which can be potential hindrances to further chromatographic processes. Hence the need of precise HPLC autosamplers. Different chromatographic processes, involving diverse kinds of compounds need autosamplers with difference precision levels. These levels need to be carefully maintained in order to ensure a proper and accurate HPLC result.

Similar is the case with HPLC detectors. These are conventionally used to separately identify the required compound or reagent and isolate it. The compounds that are isolated in a chromatographic process, reserve very specific purity levels. And when the separation is done at a different purity status, than the required one, the results might just be something that can change the face of the entire research process. Hence it is extremely important and in fact, compulsory that these HPLC detectors are in the best working conditions and available in the right precisions so that the results of the experiments and research are enhanced rather than getting marred. A well-established and renowned HPLC manufacturer and supplier is the most reliable one to get hold of in order to get the exact and the most accurate HPLC accessories.

HPLC lamps are yet another indispensible part of any chromatography practice. Generally, these lamps are extremely delicate and can be spoilt if handled in an inappropriate manner. These lamps are made and supplied by a huge number of equipment suppliers, but the durable ones are manufactured and supplied by only a trusted few. These few suppliers need to be sorted out. Similar is the case with other HPLC accessories like HPLC pumps and HPLC guard columns.

So you see, whatever be the accessory, when it comes to research and experimenting of any biological nature, something very crucial about life itself is involved. Hence it is always an important decision as to which supplier has to be chosen. A proper and extensive research needs to be preferably done in order to choose the right HPLC accessory supplier.

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HPLC Detector

HPLC tools, today, are widely used across multiple sectors for different purposes. High Performance Liquid Chromatography was introduced in 1980s for analyzing, identifying & separating chemical compounds of complex nature. These days, HPLC is used in industries such as pharmaceutical, environmental, food, drink and energy, and for research and development. The HPLC instrument consists of many different parts such as pumps, autosamplers, integrator, column, injector and a HPLC detector. Each of the HPLC components comes in different sizes and varieties. Let’s take a look at the different types of detectors available –

  1. Refractive Index (RI) detectors – These types of HPLC accessories measure the capability of sample molecules to bend or refract light. Now, the property for each molecule or compound is called its refractive index. Usually in the RI detectors light proceeds through a bi-modular flow-cell to a photodetector. One channel of the flow-cell directs the mobile phase passing via the column while the other directs only the mobile phase. Next, the detection occurs when the light is bent due to samples eluting from the column, and this is read as a disparity between the two channels.
  2. Fluorescent detectors – Using these detectors one can measure the ability of a compound to absorb then re-emit light at specific wavelengths. Each compound has a characteristic fluorescence. The excitation source passes via the flow-cell to a photodetector while a monochromatic measures the emission wavelengths. The fluorescent detectors have the sensitivity limit of 10-9 to 10-11 gm/ml.
  3. Light-Scattering (LS) Detectors – When a source emits a parallel beam of light which strikes particles in solution, some light is reflected, absorbed, transmitted, or scattered. Two forms of LS detection may be used to measure the two latter occurrences namely Nephelometry & Turbidimetry.
  4. Ultra-Violet (UV) detectors – These detectors measure the ability of a sample to absorb light. This can be accomplished at one or several wavelengths such as fixed, variable, and diode array. The UV detectors have a sensitivity to approximately 10-8 or 10 -9 gm/ml.
  5. Electrochemical detectors – These are also some of the most widely used detectors. They measure compounds which undergo oxidation or reduction reactions. Electrochemical detectors have sensitivity of 10-12 to 10-13 gm/ml.
  6. Radiochemical detectors – Further, the radiochemical detection includes the use of radio-labeled material, usually tritium (3H) or carbon-14 (14C). This operates by detection of fluorescence associated with beta-particle ionization, and it is most popular in metabolite research. Now the radiochemical detectors are sub-divided into two detector types namely Homogeneous & Heterogeneous. These types of detectors have the sensitivity limit up to 10-9 to 10-10 gm/ml.

These were some of the most common used HPLC detectors. There are many more to explore. While buying HPLC kits, one must be absolutely careful! You must purchase accessories such as the HPLC Lamp from established HPLC parts suppliers.

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HPLC instrument

High Performance Liquid Chromatography has indeed brought a sea-change in the way complex samples are analysed and tested. HPLC instruments have found their way in various industries where these are used for quality assurance, testing and much more. There are several components which make up an HPLC instrument and out of these autosampler is one of the most important. Autosampler helps you introduce samples into the inlet. You might argue that manual insertion is possible than why the need for an autosampler? Well, it helps in time-optimization and reproducibility as well. Countries such as the United Kingdom, United States & Italy have been at the forefront when it comes to designing & developing the autosampler technology. While buying autosamplers for your HPCL instrument, you need to keep in mind some points which are briefly discussed as under –

Begin by asking how many samples actually you need in your laboratory on a periodic basis. If you analyze thousands of samples, then investing in autosampler is a great idea! On the other hand, if you deal with limited samples, a manual injector does the needful for you at a lesser price. However, if you prefer accuracy than the cost-factor, autosamplers offer amazing results. Once you have dealt with this point, it’s now the time to ask what exactly are the size of samples that you need to analyze. It is a proven fact that autosamplers are far more efficient than human beings. Investing in an autosampler is a good idea even if you have to deal with low-volume samples in your laboratory.

After having analyzed these points, you need to know how fast your instrument’s cycle time and the sample loading speed are. It is worth considering these points in case speed is important to you. It is very much crucial to choose the right supplier when you are buying an HPLC autosampler. Find out the kind of services, support the supplier offers including warranty. Most importantly, you also need to find out the cost of buying the autosampler and maintaining it. Go for a supplier who offers complete technical support to you all round the year, whenever the need arises. It is better to invest a substantial time in choosing the right supplier because the quality of autosampler and the kind of support you get matters a lot.

Considering factors such as the ones described above will help you decide whether investing in an autosampler is worthwhile. In nutshell, autosamplers are not meant for every lab use. Many researches still rely on manual insertion because of the cost-factor linked with autosampler. However, if speed and accuracy are your priority, then autosampler can help achieve your target objectives in quick time.

CTSHPLC is one of the leading providers of HPLC spare parts including HPLC Lamps and HPLC Pumps. The Company delivers world class HPLC accessories on time and exactly as per the research requirements of your organization. CTSHPLC promises to offer the best buying support so that researchers can choose the best HPLC parts for their laboratory needs. We also deal in HPLC detectors.

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CTSHPLC-The best place to get world class HPLC accessories

HPLC instruments have assumed greater importance for scientists and researchers who need to analyze complex samples. Not only do these instruments help in saving time but also deliver accurate results as per different research requirements. The success of your research to a large extend depends on HPLC instruments and in order to get amazing results you need to buy the best instruments for your lab. Consider CTSHPLC, a highly-renowned supplier of HPLC accessories and spare parts. The components of your HPLC instrument need to be changed on a regular basis and finding out the right supplier is often an ordeal. Therefore, CTSHPLC comes into picture to help you get the best products at reasonable prices.

Kick-started in the year 1985, CTSHPLC has been in the HPLC space for years now. The Company’s founder Steve Harris has an experienced hand at servicing HPLC instruments and quality maintenance & repair. As a professional HPLC Replacement Part Manufacturer, CTSHPLC stocks a variety of HPLC accessories and spare parts. Have a look at some of these –

  • HPLC autosampler
  • HPLC pumps
  • HPLC lamps
  • HPLC detectors
  • HPLC columns
  • HPLC kits and much more…

One can get a multitude of HPLC spare parts for various OEMs including Hitachi HPLC and Agilent HPLC. Not only this, the Company also stocks Waters HPLC replacement parts including lamps, detectors, pumps, kits and lot more. If you are looking out for some Thermo HPLC parts, then CTSHPLC offers these as well. It promises to offer the best-buying support as well. All you need to do is get in touch with their experts and they will guide you to buy some of the most outstanding HPLC accessories at reasonable prices.

If you are worried about maintenance & repair, rest assure, their engineers will take care of these requirements too. The best part about buying HPLC parts from CTSHPLC is that you get appropriate warranty on all kinds of HPLC accessories. The Company has been into this business since years and knows how to look after its customers across the globe. It is indeed the one-stop destination to get all kinds of HPLC parts at affordable prices. For years the Company has been supplying best-quality HPLC parts to its clients spread around the world. Their HPLC spare parts have been used across multiple disciplines.

So, if you are considering buying HPLC accessories or spare parts, do think about CTSHPLC. The Company will take care of your HPLC requirements in the best possible way. Have a visit to their online shop and start buying world class spare parts and accessories as per your convenience.